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While practicing internal medicine in a hospital based setting, Dr. Thomas saw patients needlessly suffering from the diseases of “aging,” prompting her to pursue a way to practice wellness care instead of sick care. Read More


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Through unhealthy choices, you may actually function and be aging biologically at the same level as someone 15 to 20 years older. The question is, how can you be one of those people who function and age biologically at a level equivalent to someone who is many years younger than you?

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Hormones play a powerful role in your bodyʼs regulatory system. Proper hormonal balance is essential to maintain optimal health. Certain hormones are crucial to how you feel. Throughout your life, and particularly when you enter middle age, information about your bodyʼs hormone production provides keen insights to help maintain a healthy and vigorous life.

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As an informed patient, you understand that nutrition is important. You know that the foods you eat affect your health. Conversely, the things you do not consume - but perhaps need - may also have a tremendous impact on your body.

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