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Our process includes an initial comprehensive consultation with Dr. Thomas. A personalized therapy program will be developed for you based on your symptoms and test results. There’s no limit to finding the key to ultimate health with an individualized treatment plan that includes hormone balance, nutritional and fitness programs and lifestyle modification.

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Women's Hormone Therapy

Comprehensive Health Evaluation

The human body is miraculously complex and is constantly adapting to maintain proper balance. When the picture is in focus, the body performs at the peak level of health. However, if any one element of this picture is out of focus, the body must work harder to compensate, causing negative impacts to your health. Our Comprehensive Health Evaluation is a detailed snapshot of the current state of your individual health.

Whether the goal is to help with current health issues, prevent chronic illness, or to improve overall health—a comprehensive evaluation of what your health picture is today is essential. Dr. Thomas begins by gathering medical history and current health complaints from the patient. As part of the evaluation, depending on the patient’s history and symptoms, Dr. Thomas will order specialized testing that may include the following: salivary and serum hormone levels, metabolic and cardiovascular markers, nutritional testing, food allergies testing, comprehensive stool testing, heavy metal testing, genetic testing, biotoxin illness profile, and environmental toxin profile.

Dr. Thomas analyzes the results of all of the data from the patient’s medical history and current symptoms, the test results, the patient’s current lifestyle and unique circumstances to create a comprehensive health evaluation. Dr Thomas reviews the results with the patient to explain how each bit of information fits into the larger picture of their current individual health, taking care to make sure the patient understands what is out of focus and how that may impact their picture of health going forward.

The last step in the process is to use the information from the comprehensive health evaluation to create a personalized plan to help the patient address current issues and help them to successfully achieve their individual health goals. Working together, Dr. Thomas guides the patient in refocusing their unique health picture to one of optimum wellness.