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Mens Hormone Therapy

The Key to Vitality, Sex Drive & Aging

Hormones play a powerful role in your bodyʼs regulatory system. Proper hormonal balance is essential to maintain optimal health. Certain hormones play a crucial role in how you feel. Testosterone, for example, enhances your sex drive, strengthens bone and muscle tissue, and reduces fat production. In addition, it is a natural energy booster that protects against the onset of depression and heart disease.

Other hormonal deficiencies or excesses affect sleep, metabolism, and the ability to fight disease. Throughout your life, and particularly when you enter middle age, information about your bodyʼs hormone production provides keen insights to help maintain a healthy and vigorous life.

Male Hormones

Testosterone levels peak in most men during their early to mid- 20s. Between the ages of 40 and 70, the hormone-producing cells begin to wear away, causing men to lose nearly 60% of peak levels. Key symptoms of testosterone deficiency include depression, fatigue, low sex drive, irritability, hair loss, thinning and wrinkling of the skin, weight gain, and weakening of bone and muscle tissue. Eventually, hormone imbalances can set the stage for the development of more serious conditions like heart disease, osteoporosis, pre-diabetes, and erectile dysfunction. While many popular medications are available to help sustain an erection, none of these drugs work effectively without adequate testosterone.

Women are not the only ones taking an active role in managing their quality of life. Men have the same opportunity to benefit from hormonal testing.

Thyroid Function

The thyroid gland secretes hormones that regulate your metabolism. Disruptions can slow down or speed up your body, producing unpleasant symptoms and health-threatening conditions from fatigue, hair loss, and weight gain or loss to high blood pressure and heart problems. Testing detects subtleties or underlying causes of thyroid imbalances that standard tests may miss.

Adrenal Function

The adrenal glands produce several hormones, including DHEA and cortisol. When out of sync due to stress or other influences, these hormonal imbalances can cause weakness, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, obesity, and a reduced sense of well-being. A prolonged imbalance can impact the immune system, trigger premature aging, and set the stage for chronic illness. Testing provides information to help restore hormones to optimal levels.

Melatonin Production

Melatonin possesses powerful anti-aging and anti-cancer properties and enhances sleep. Low levels are associated with insomnia or infertility. High levels may be associated with depression. Testing facilitates measurement throughout the day to provide a comprehensive look at this fluctuating hormone.

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